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Reskill For Tomorrow
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Don’t Reskill for Tomorrow Using Yesterday’s Tools

The hot topic among Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) of large organizations these days is the upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. By upskilling I mean teaching employees new competencies to…
Why Customers Called
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Do You Know Why Your Customers Called You Yesterday?

These days it seems you can’t buy a cup of coffee without being asked to fill out a customer satisfaction survey. But, despite companies’ well-intentioned efforts to get customer feedback,…
Power Of Purpose
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The Power of Purpose

A few years ago two young entrepreneurs created a startup with a mission to save lives. Working quietly, without fanfare, they developed a technical solution that does just that. It’s…
Shedding Light On Injustice
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Shedding Light on Injustice

In 1776 the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that “all men are created equal”. Although progress has been made since then, the promise of those words is yet to become true…
Leading Effectively Despite The Unknowns
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Leading Effectively Despite the Unknowns

Part of the difficulty in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis is that nearly six months into it we have almost as many unknowns as we did in the beginning. Vaccine…
Uniting People Crisis
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Uniting People During a Crisis

During my business career I have led through many crises and learned important lessons. From experiences I developed a framework for leaders encountering turbulent times. It involves assessing the situation and facing…
Creative Innovative Leader
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How to Become a More Creative and Innovative Leader

There is a lot of talk about innovation in business these days; about creativity, not so much. And yet, the two go hand in hand. Creativity in a business environment stands…
Culture Or Structure
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Culture or Structure: Which Matters Most in Innovation?

Which is most important for organizations trying to come up with the next breakthrough: having a culture of innovation or establishing a separate structure devoted to innovation? As with many…
Lessons From Disruption
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Lessons from Disruption

When you have several forces of innovation pointing to the same area, there is a good likelihood that disruption will occur. I learned that lesson during the smartphone revolution when…