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Uniting People Crisis
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Uniting People During a Crisis

During my business career I have led through many crises and learned important lessons. From experiences I developed a framework for leaders encountering turbulent times. It involves assessing the situation and facing…
Creative Innovative Leader
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How to Become a More Creative and Innovative Leader

There is a lot of talk about innovation in business these days; about creativity, not so much. And yet, the two go hand in hand. Creativity in a business environment stands…
Culture Or Structure
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Culture or Structure: Which Matters Most in Innovation?

Which is most important for organizations trying to come up with the next breakthrough: having a culture of innovation or establishing a separate structure devoted to innovation? As with many…
Lessons From Disruption
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Lessons from Disruption

When you have several forces of innovation pointing to the same area, there is a good likelihood that disruption will occur. I learned that lesson during the smartphone revolution when…
Leading Change From Within
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Leading Change from Within

What if I said I could help you achieve audacious new goals with your organization without turning it upside down? That is, with the existing employees, structure, and assets? Would…
Collaboration Speed Innovation
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Collaboration at the Speed of Innovation

We are a nation of innovators. Give us a challenge and we’ll send a man to the Moon. And, by the way, we’ll also bring him—or her—back safely. Which proves…
Brain Due For Update
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Alert: Your Brain is Due for an Update

In an earlier post (“Winners do their Homework“), I talked about the importance of decision-making based on facts.  I stand by what I said at the time, but I’d like to expand on…
Collaborate To Innovate
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Collaborate to Innovate

I’ve always believed in collaboration, but a recent experience convinced me even more that great things happen when people and institutions work together to deliver something they could not do…
Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit For Life
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Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Life

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to watch 39 student teams from all over Europe compete in Lille, France, for the prestigious “Junior Achievement (JA) Europe Company of the…